LEarning the nuances

A sound knowledge of theory and literature is indispensible part of a dancer’s training. At AEKA, students at every level are taught the theory of dance and music. The training methodology followed at AEKA not only focuses on the technical ability of the dancer but also into fine tuning of their mastery of Abhinaya and the subtle nuances of Bharatanatyam.


Classes are structured to motivate, involve and encourage learning through observation and dedicated practice.

'Art for creativity' is an after school program, designed towards constructive use of after school time to help build:
Stronger self image
Critical personal skills
New interests
Build confidence


Whether your goal is to actually dance Bharatanatyam or just learn all about it,
step in.


To build confidence in dance and yourself, while learning in a fun and
supportive environment.


"Aimed for dancers who want an intensive training experience to be the beautiful and graceful dancers they are."